We take pride in significantly impacting the performance of highly-driven organisations of all sizes and industry sectors, and we apply the same passion, rigour, and professionalism, whether we work directly with a CEO or we train a young university graduate.


Below are executives who sponsored our training programs across their organisations as well as our presentation design or coaching services.

For over 10 years, Karl Genest from PrezExpert has been instrumental in ensuring the highest quality for our most important presentations to our Board of Directors and other key stakeholders.

José Boisjoli

Chief Executive Officer

Bombardier Recreational Products


Feedback from workshop participants

I really enjoyed the training and am already applying some of the strategies to my existing presentations. I look forward to making my new presentations really impactful.


I can see great value in making this training and resources available to all employees in our company.

This course was fantastic. Whether you think you are an expert at creating effective business presentations or not, there is always something to learn to communicate your ideas more effectively. 


This course is for participants at all levels.  I am really happy with this experience.

Excellent practical course. Will use day to day. Excellent program which I would highly recommend to all leaders in our company.

You can be assured that I will recommend this workshop whenever I have the opportunity. Your material and tools are highly relevant not only to build presentations, but also to facilitate teamwork and deeper thinking in developing argument-based documents!

I love your pSCOPE tool, which will save me so much time in the future. I wish I had this training before! It’s unanimous: everyone in our team was ultra-satisfied with this training!

I loved this course! At first in the morning I thought I was a beginner but by the end of the day I had already surpassed myself.


This workshop will definitely help me in terms of credibility and professionalism.

I have found that the course has taught me to structure my message according to whom I am presenting to. I find it has also helped me to step back and understand where and how I should structure my information without overloading the page (appropriately using charts, what type, etc.).

It was obvious even during the class how this can be readily applied to what I do.

This workshop was very dynamic and instructive, regardless of our proficiency level in PowerPoint.

I am impressed that the course also includes two 1-on-1 coaching sessions to further our training following the course. In our world where it is sometimes hard to devote a full day to training, I felt this was a very good use of my time.

This workshop was very well balanced in terms of theory and practice, but also individual work vs team work. Many tools are shared throughout the day, which we can then adapt to our needs. Very good!

Overall, it's a great course, worth the time and cost. It was particularly interesting to work on a slide we had previously submitted and be able to tell right away how much better it could be made.