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From art to science

A powerful process built on proprietary frameworks and tools

PrezExpert’s focus is on developing high-impact business presentations in less time. To achieve this, we have created a holistic, tool-based approach, relevant and applicable to any type of presentation, across different staff levels and functional areas.


This highly proven proprietary approach is structured around 3 pillars:


  • SP2C™  process   


  • pTOOLS™  presentation toolkit 


  • Exclusive communication frameworks

SP2C™  process

SP2C EN.png

pTOOLS presentation toolkit

A simple, user-friendly, electronic toolkit enabling each step of the SPC2 process, while fostering collaboration and early alignment with senior leaders.

  • pSCOPE

  • pPLAN

  • pCHECK

Exclusive frameworks

Powerful communication frameworks are embedded in the pTOOLS toolkit, so they appear intuitively whenever required throughout the SP2C process


  • 7 types of communication objectives

  • 4 ways to impact your audience

  • The "Building Blocks" structural framework

  • ... and many others

Unleash productivity

PrezExpert has trained over 8,000 professionals up to VP level on its powerful approach to developing presentations.


Regardless of the context or the type of presentation required, the SP2C process and pTOOLS electronic presentation toolkit will help your staff to:


  • Structure their thinking

  • Build early alignment

  • Collaborate with leaders and colleagues

  • Create more effective presentations in less time

The PrezExpert process and tools help to focus the right work at the right level. Our leaders now clearly articulate the objectives from the start, making it much easier for presentation developers to effectively reach the right audience with the right message. We now produce more powerful presentations with fewer iterations.

Kristine Emmett

Human Resources VP, Bell Canada 

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