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Corporate presentation templates

Boost your organisation's productivity​

A corporate presentation template should be more than a branding exercise with a nice cover page and the company’s logo on every page. Asa tool regularly used by employees across the organisation, it should also be considered as a productivity enabler which deserves to be optimised to save time and foster consistency. A well-programmed template can become a pillar of a lean and agile business presentation culture.
Very often, these templates are created by marketing agencies that are specialized in branding, but know very little about effective business presentations. Over the years, we have reprogrammed templates for several large corporate clients who had spent tens of thousands of dollars to develop first-class branding programs, yet had failed to provide their employees with effective presentation templates for internal and external presentations.
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Company-wide templates

Brand consistency for internal and external presentations

A well-designed presentation template is a relatively small investment that can literally save hundreds, if not thousands, of employee hours. Too often, employees are spending time tinkering with bullets, font sizes, and spacing, manually choosing colour codes, or creating complex slide layouts that could have been optimized and preprogrammed to be activated with a single click.


A well-built template will look amazing, save your employees time, and ensure brand consistency for internal and external presentations. PrezExpert believes in this so much that template programming is typically the first step that we execute at most of our new clients. It becomes the foundation for beautiful high-impact presentations and significant productivity gains, achieved through our training workshops or our Presentation Performance Program.

Company-wide templates

  • Generic presentation template for use by any employee

  • Broad selection of preprogrammed slide layouts

  • Optimized bullets, charts, tables, shapes, text boxes, and lines

  • Configured with corporate brand-approved colour palette and font(s)

  • Mini-library of frequently-used slides

Our corporate PowerPoint template already looked great, but PrezExpert took it to another level. They added carefully programmed features and intuitive layouts which are helping our North America staff to better structure their information while saving a lot of time.

François Trépanier,

Brand & Design Director,  Volvo Bus North America

Purpose-specific templates

  • Built from the corporate-wide template, but customized to foster consistency and efficiency for a specific business purpose

  • Ideal for high-profile presentations such as proposals, strategic plans, product development, approval gates, sales pitches, monthly/quarterly business reviews, scorecards, etc

  • Ensure consistency of structure and appearance over time or across business units or teams

  • Guide users on the level of standardisation required on each page (flexible approach with four levels of standardisation)

  • Formatted for greater clarity, ease of use and business impact

Purpose-specific templates

Not sure if your template is well programmed?

Send it to us for a free confidential evaluation.

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