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Presentation design

Impact beyond expectations

The PrezExpert team brings decades of experience in developing strategic or board-level presentations for some of Canada’s largest companies. Again and again, we have proven that we understand the particular needs and expectations of executive audiences, and the imperative for clear, succinct, and compelling presentations that will shape their beliefs and trigger the desired outcomes.


Thanks to our experience and proven SP2C ™ process, we are also able to produce high-impact presentations much faster than most organisations can do with their own resources. We listen, we question, we think, and we execute. In fact, many clients tell us that it would have taken them weeks of internal discussions and work to replicate only a fraction of the high-quality material that we created for them.


Leveraging the very same presentation development process and tools that we teach in our workshops, we have created hundreds of presentations for different stakeholder groups:


  • CEOs and Management Teams: strategic plans, briefs on complex matters, market trends, market research summaries

  • Financial analysts or investors: confidential information memorandums (CIMs), roadshows, investor day updates, quarterly results

  • Boards of Directors: business updates, strategic plan summaries, briefs on complex matters

  • Customers and distributors: why do business with us, new product launches, certification or incentive programs

  • Employees: roadshows, town hall presentations, management seminars

  • Suppliers: product development vision and strategies, supplier awards

We create winning presentations

From presentation storyline to information design and visualisation, PrezExpert applies industry-leading best practices to achieve greater impact with fewer slides, without diluting your important content.


We are experts in the most effective ways of showcasing key financial and operational data and ensuring that each slide conveys a clear and compelling message, one that is part of a more effective whole.


Irrespective of the audience or your presentation objective, PREZEXPERT can save you time and ensure your success by designing and creating a winning presentation for you. 

For over 10 years, Karl Genest from PrezExpert has been instrumental in ensuring the highest quality for our most important presentations to our Board of Directors and other key stakeholders. 

José Boisjoli

Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Recreational Products

Let’s discuss your presentation design needs today! 

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