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Have you ever measured the impact of your training program?

Yes. We have measured the impact of our program in 2 different ways: First, we receive unsolicited feedback such as this one: “Reworks have been greatly reduced and meetings are a lot tighter now. For example, my FY18 budget meeting was scheduled for 150 minutes but was done in 75 minutes.” Second, we perform long-term impact surveys of workshop participants. Our latest survey confirmed that:

  • 98% of participants improved the effectiveness of their presentations
  • 87% of participants saved time when creating new presentations
  • 15% average time savings when creating presentations (equivalent to ~2 weeks per year for most professionals)
  • 66% of participants now work more efficiently with their superior on presentations

What if my organisation uses a different software application than PowerPoint?

Our approach is relevant and applicable regardless of the presentation software that you are using. In fact, we have already trained many professionals who were using a presentation software other than PowerPoint. Coaching services can be provided on any presentation, regardless of the presentation software used. PowerPoint is the software that we use to program corporate presentation templates and create presentations for our clients, and we can work with clients to ensure a smooth conversion to another software application when needed.

Who benefits the most from your training workshops?

Anyone who is involved in the process of developing business presentations for internal or external audiences. We have trained a wide range of professionals, up to VP level, across all business functions: strategic planning, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, engineering and R&D, purchasing, operations, and IT.

I have just started using PowerPoint. Will your training workshop be helpful for me?

Yes, this training workshop is helpful for anyone who has to build presentations. Different workshop formats are available for different levels of contribution, such as creating the storyline vs designing slides.

What equipment or documentation is needed for the training workshops?

Participants will need a laptop and some examples of presentations they have created in the past.

Are the training workshops available in French?

Yes, the training workshops and all of our tools are available in either French or English.

We are a group. Can you come and train us at our offices?

Yes, we can train you wherever in the world you are located.

Do your workshops include practice time?

Yes, indeed they do. In fact, there is a 60/40 split between theory and hands-on individual and group exercises. Practice time is essential for ensuring that workshop participants gain first-hand experience and coaching on how to use the pTOOLS so that they can reap the full benefits.

Will I learn something if I am already proficient with PowerPoint or other presentation software applications?

Absolutely. This workshop does not focus on features of PowerPoint. Instead, you will learn a process and tools that will help you to properly scope your presentation requirement(s), define your structure and storyline, and create effective slides in terms of content clarity, messaging, and visual impact.

What is so special about PrezExpert’s approach?

PrezExpert has developed an optimal process that helps professionals of all levels to develop presentations from scratch. We call this process SP2C ™: Scope – Plan – Create – Check. This process is supported by 3 exclusive tools, the pSCOPE ™, pPLAN ™ and pCHECK ™, in which we have embedded proprietary business communications frameworks such as the 7 Types of Presentation Objectives and the Building Blocks framework. The SP2C process and the pTOOLS ™ toolkit help our clients, and PrezExpert, to create more effective presentations in less time. This is confirmed through our own experience, formal and informal client feedback, and long-term impact surveys.