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5 complimentary services

… to meet a broad range of business presentation needs


Virtual or face-to-face workshops adapted to the needs of employees up to VP level, in English or French

Personalised coaching

Personalised sessions that take your presentation to the next level using our proven process and tools

Presentation design

Beautiful high-impact presentations carefully designed to achieve your objectives


Functional and elegant templates preprogrammed to save time and ensure brand consistency


Optimal blend of PrezExpert services to dramatically improve the performance of your organisation


Training Workshops A

Training workshops

Create more effective presentations in less time
Delivered virtually in half-day modules or face-to-face in a full day format, PrezExpert’s workshops offer a blend of theory and hands-on exercises to enable professionals up to VP level to develop more effective presentations in less time... and to deliver them with poise.
By using PrezExpert’s proven SP2C  process and pTOOLS ™ presentation toolkit, participants will dramatically improve their ability to articulate their presentation objective, define the desired impact, develop a powerful storyline, and craft effective slides that will maximize audience attention, understanding, and retention.

Guiding you to succeed
Individual or group coaching sessions focused on a single critical presentation that needs to be pushed to the next level.
Leveraging our SP2C™ process and pTOOLS™ toolkit, PrezExpert’s presentation coaches work with you to better define your presentation objective and desired impact, improve overall presentation sequence, individual slide design, and messaging.
These sessions are typically offered via Microsoft Teams or Webex to allow real-time changes to your material.

Flexible coaching. High-value feedback.

PrezExpert workshops help create more effective presentations in less time!

Presentation design

Impact beyond expectations

Whether you want to persuade your board of directors, potential investors, employees worldwide, key clients, or potential business partners, the PrezExpert team can rapidly craft a high-impact, professional-looking presentation for you.


We save our clients time and money by creating significantly better presentations in a fraction of the time that it would have taken them without our support.

Corporate presentation templates


Boost your organisation's productivity
Corporate presentation templates are essential for branding purposes, but they can also become high-impact productivity tools when they are well programmed, deployed, and used. Our team will develop a brand-friendly template embedding your corporate colours, fonts and other corporate visual elements, while offering a broad selection of effective, preprogrammed page layouts.
PrezExpert develops both standard company-wide templates as well as purpose-specific templates tailored to support core business processes such as bid reviews or product approval gates.

Presentation Performance Program

Business Conference

Achieve new levels of organisational performance

PrezExpert has helped large and small organizations to reach new levels of performance through an optimal blend and sequencing of its services. 

Poor presentations can drain significant energy and time from business professionals—up to the most senior executives—and they can also cause poor communications and business decisions. Let us show you how we can help your team to become more agile and lean through more efficient and effective communications.

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