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Personalised coaching

Guiding you to succeed

Creating effective business presentations is not a trivial affair. It requires clarity of thought and the ability to tell a concise and compelling story with words, images and data that will resonate with the audience to achieve the desired impact.


The PrezExpert team brings decades of experience in creating strategic presentations for boards of directors, CEOs, investors, business partners and employees. Let us be your sounding board, a fresh pair of eyes, to provide you the feedback and advice needed to create a winning presentation.


Web-conference ready and fully bilingual

PrezExpert coaching services are delivered in English or French via web-conferencing platforms, to meet the needs of time-pressed managers and executives around the world. Our coaches leverage our proven SP2C™ process and pTOOLS™ presentation toolkit to help you to:

  • Better frame your presentation objective and desired impact

  • Develop your presentation structure

  • Tighten your storyline

  • Refine slide content and design for maximum impact

  • Make your presentation a success

Flexible coaching. High-value feedback.

We provide our coaching services either as a follow-on to our training workshops, as part of our Presentation Performance Program, or simply to professionals seeking the best corporate presentation advice they can get.


So, whether you are starting work on a new presentation or would like last minute feedback on a big one coming up, our coaches can help you to achieve your desired business outcomes... and save you a lot of time!

Our board presentation was both very strategic and highly complex. Karl Genest rapidly helped us with relevant actionable feedback which allowed us to tighten our messaging. I received very positive comments from several key stakeholders after we delivered that presentation.  

Vincent Morin

Vice-President, Business Model and Value Generation, BRP

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